Transform Education

Microsoft and Netrix are fully committed to supporting and transforming education. Join us as we explore how Microsoft Data Services and Power BI are empowering educators and inspiring innovation in the classroom.

Watch this on-demand video of the modern data estate, Big Data at a glance, and overall solution sets (and how they work together and complement each other). A drill down and demonstration of Power BI for data visualization is provided to explore how Power BI integrates with your schools' data and productivity solutions.

Why Watch?

Schools that harness data, cloud, and AI innovate and increase productivity. Data visualization enables educators and students to absorb massive amounts of data quickly and will provide a way to make correlations that might have been missed if looking at thousands of rows in a spreadsheet. View the video to learn how to use Power BI to build reports and visualize your data.

 What's covered:

  • A high-level overview of Microsoft Azure Data and Power BI solutions 
  • Q&A session
  • Live Interactive demos
  • Examples and success stories of others in the education sector

Who should watch:

IT Department leaders, teachers, educators, and anyone who has a vested interest in their school district transforming the student, faculty and teacher’s user experience.

Netrix provides cloud expertise for organizations looking to deploy flexibility, functionality and efficiency across their business. We believe in simplifying the adoption, consumption and support of disparate cloud technologies. By reversing the traditional approach which focuses on the technology first, we have developed products and services with a focus on people. The Netrix’s  team engages with you at every step of Cloud management, ensuring accountability and agility across all parts of your Cloud journey. 

We work with K-12 and higher education institutions to connect learners and instructors to enlightening information and experiences. This might mean speeding access to large design files across a campus network or facilitating on-demand virtual parent-teacher conferences. Our education projects are varied, but the goal is always the same: improve student outcomes.

Netrix is a Microsoft Gold Partner, who recently received 2017 US SMB EMS Central Region Partner of the Year Award and FY17 US Top Windows 10 Deployment Partner Mid-Market. These awards demonstrate Netrix’s growing expertise in Windows 10 and other Microsoft technologies that create maximum benefits for new business models, capabilities, and partnerships.

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