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Agile Cloud Assessment and Migration


Do your business goals align with the right cloud strategy?

If you're like many businesses who have started their migration to the cloud, you may have found that it's taking longer than expected or is more expensive than your originally budgeted. For others still looking to migrate to the cloud, with so many options available, how do you know you'll make the right decision?

We believe traditional assessments lack the depth and agility needed to successfully deploy cloud solutions. Our approach to cloud migrations, whether public, private or hybrid, consists of a structured program, not a point-in-time assessment. We continuously engage with you to research, assess and implement all of your migrations to the cloud.   

Your cloud strategy begins with an Envisioning Session, where we identify business goals and map potential benefits of the cloud to them, while mitigating any potential drawbacks. Our cloud migration team works with you to systematically identify, plan and migrate resources into the cloud - prioritizing those components that provide the greatest benefit, in the shortest timeframe with the least amount of risk. 

Cloud Assessment & Migration Features:

  • Agile and Iterative Approach

  • Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid Capabilities

  • A breadth of Cloud Supporting Technologies (network, governance, etc.)

  • Envisioning and Change Communication

  • Differentiated deliverables (i.e. Problem Brief)

  • Managed Service Model

  • Cloud Business Continuity

  • Cloud Broker & Expert Cloud Advice



Agile Road Mapping of Your Business Needs to the Cloud

Different than traditional assessments, CloudAccelerate provides a more in-depth and agile approach. We continuously work closely with you to design, execute, measure and update your cloud roadmap for each business need. This ongoing, managed service approach helps your business more quickly and effectively execute throughout your entire cloud journey. The approach to cloud migration consists of a structured, cloud-agnostic program, not a point-in-time assessment. By leveraging lean and agile thinking we are better able to react to changing requirements and deliver more prescriptive recommendations through a flexible roadmap.


CloudAccelerator is an iterative process where your objectives are continuously reviewed and prioritized. You continue on your roadmap, as-needed. While focusing on your business goals, we provide the flexibility to change focus and direction as priorities change.

Discovery/Envisioning: Our approach begins with us listening to you and identifying problem statements. Envisioning provides a much deeper dive into your business needs than traditional assessments. By envisioning each project, case by case, you will have less surprises during deployment and gain a better understanding of actual delivery estimates. 

Align: Once the problem statement is defined, we assess the situation from multiple angles to align Netrix capabilities to the situation and then frame solution options. We are able to scale up and down quickly so that each project receives the perfect amount of time and expertise necessary for the best deployment option for your business.

Solution & Execution: During this phase, the solution is scoped in detail and is treated as a standalone project following Netrix PMO methodologies. By creating standalone projects, you can eliminate stressed resources in other deployments. Your employees will also benefit from our change communication practice which was designed to support internal IT initiatives so that your end users are in the most optimal position to adopt that technology. 

Measure & Assess: We utilize technology and survey data to review and report on outcomes and assess performance. By reviewing and assessing performance data, you will have defined success metrics to measure against ROI. This data also helps to better understand and adjust to any unforeseen business issues due to people, processes and technology. 



Uncovering the Best Cloud Solutions for Your Business

Through our envisioning process, we help cut through the clutter and bring clarity to cloud resources that are the best fit for your business needs. Envisioning helps distinguish tangible benefits and objectives of migrating to the cloud before you begin your implementation. 

Best-of-Breed Solutions

Netrix follows each business need with a non-vendor specific approach. We partner with the best cloud solutions in the industry. Our experts consistently research and test different cloud solutions over-time. This helps to ensure that our multi-disciplinary team provides you with the best-of-breed (agnostic) cloud solutions for your business whenever you need it. 

Flexible and Agile Service

Our service model was built to provide cloud migration-as-a-service, scaling up and down when you need us. For example, if we discover an application might prove problematic during the envisioning process, we immediately onboard additional resources without re-scoping the project.



Thinking about Hybrid Cloud? You're not alone. 




We can start from anywhere. Whether you've already implemented IaaS and your migrating applications to the cloud or your dev team needs more server space for future projects, CloudAccelerate can meet you on your roadmap to provide the advisory service you need to get the most out of your cloud investment. No matter where you are on your cloud migration roadmap, we will bring agility to strengthen and quicken your deployment.

"Our cloud migration is more expensive than we thought."

"There are so many cloud options out there, how do I know I'm making the right decision?"

"Our cloud migration is more expensive than we originally budgeted."

If these quotes sound familiar, contact us today and get started deploying the cloud across your organization with Netrix.


The cloud provides endless capacity and continuous availability without investing in additional infrastructure. So what are you waiting for? A single enterprise application can take up to two years to migrate to the cloud. If you can't wait that long, let Netrix accelerate your cloud migration. Complete the form below and a specialist will contact you. 


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